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1. 360 Degree Cameras

2. Advanced VR / MR Head-mounted Display Devices with Controllers

3. Elementary VR Headsets (Slide-on Head-mounted Display)

4. Hardware / Software - Projectors, Motion Capture Devices and Associated Software for Virtual Reality CAVE System

5. Software - Cross-platform Development Engine for Creating AR Apps

6. Software  Cross-platform Development Engine for Creating VR Scenes / Games / Animations


1. VR Game Design

2. VR Smart City Model

3. AR Game Design

4. 3D Modeling Design


VR Smart City Model



  • VR headsets with/without controllers
    IoT kits included sensors such as motion detection, gas, temperature, humidity, gyroscope, accelerometer etc.
    PC / laptop / tablet computer with Internet connection that meet the system requirements of running 3D VR engine


Software :

  • Cross-platform development engine that can be used to create 3D VR visual design

  • IoT devices SDK / APIs for capturing ambient data to the cloud

Major Activities :

  • Theoretical session covering:

  • Introduction to VR game design and development tools

  • The principle behind, how VR works with headset

  • How to code on the supported platform for VR game

  • Identifying a good scene/game design

  • Practical sessions covering:

  • Group project on building their own VR scenes/games/animations x 2

  • Inter-group appreciation session, learn from each other

  • Share the challenges and lesson learnt





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